Community links / Resources

Affirming Connections - Affirming Connections was created to reach out and work alongside LGBTQ2S+ individuals and allies, to strengthen inclusive faith communities and those who seek to become affirming, and to be a public voice of welcome and inclusivity for all people.

Advocacy. Affirmation. Activism. Affirming Connections seeks to foster these values in our faith communities and in our city.

Coming soon - online sharing resources and populating a lending library. Work is beginning to create an accessible database of resources, activities, workshops, speakers, and book/film/articles pertaining to inclusive faith community and affirming work. These will be publicly available to all people through this website. We will also have a physical lending library for books/films to borrow in the Calgary area. 

Skipping Stone Foundation - Supporting and empowering trans and gender diverse youth and their families.

Rainbow Railroad National - Helps LGBT people escape state-sponsored violence around the world.

Rainbow Elders Calgary Rainbow Elders Calgary is an enthusiastic brand new group of LGBTQ+ folk dedicated to strengthening the ties and connections between different generations of LGBTQ+ citizens in Calgary while also being strong advocates for LGBTQ+ seniors.

Canadian Moms Embracing Diversity   -  Is a safe space for mothers of LGBTQ kids (of any age) to find: support as we navigate the, sometimes confusing, arena of LGBTQ issues and community; solidarity with other Canadian moms experiencing similar joys and concerns; safety in a closed group where only members see your posts and no one shares outside the group. Search for us on Facebook and request to join, if you are interested.